What type of friend are you?

Did you know, the key to long-lasting friendships is to have five totally different but perfectly partnered personalities within your friendship group? Whether you’re the one who’s the ultimate planner, the one keeping your group grounded, or the one bringing the drama, you’ve each got an important role to play. Curious about which friend you are? Take our quiz to find out!

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Question 1

You’re catching up over a coffee with your gang, what are you chatting about?

My latest projects and plans! I’ll even show them my planner... I’ll be cracking the jokes, of course Juicy gossip, my love life and all the latest drama I’ll be offering advice to my besties My wild weekend plans!

Question 2

It’s Saturday night, and you’re planning on seeing the gang, what’s your go-to night out?

Pre-dinner drinks, followed by dinner, followed by cocktails – I’ll be in charge of the reservations, we’re not leaving this to chance! Something absolutely hilarious and out of the box is right up my street! As long as we can avoid the bar where my ex-works and it’s all about the girls, that’s ok with me – I can’t deal with the drama tonight! A catch up at our favourite restaurant – and I’ll be back in my PJs by 10pm! Hitting all the best bars in town and dancing the night away!

Question 3

One of your girls is going through a tough time in her life, how do you support her?

You plan the best day to cheer her up – first brunch, then spa, then drinks Serious situations aren’t exactly your ‘thing’, but you’re there to put a smile on her face! For once, your drama is on hold – you’re there for over the top sad-movie marathons sobbing in to popcorn and listening to her problems any day of the week! Send her a big bunch of flowers, and remind her you’re always there if she needs to talk Take her out on the town!

Question 4

It’s one of your gang’s ‘big’ birthday’s and you’re all planning a surprise party, what’s your role?

Event coordinator! I’m the one dishing out the jobs and keeping everyone in check I’ll be bringing my favourite fun party games! I’m the decorating committee! I’ll dress the venue within an inch of its life, more is more! Whatever I’m asked to do, I’m there – you can always rely on me I plan to just to turn up and enjoy the fun!

Question 5

One of your closest friends calls you at midnight, stranded after misplacing her taxi money – how do you react?

You tell her to stay exactly where she is, you’re already hopping in the car to come get her and you’ll be there in 15 minutes! Turns out she found her money after all, but you keep her laughing whilst she waits for her taxi It’s the end of the world and you’re in full panic mode, you really aren’t the best person to call about this! (Also, where was she, and where was your invite…?) You tell her not to worry, and book her an uber from your phone right away. You also remind her to text you when she gets home. She’s going home? You arrange to go meet her and carry on partying the night away!

Question 6

One of your friends is over an hour late to meet the rest of the group for a big event, and no one’s heard from her! How do you react?

You’re slightly annoyed that she’s clearly very poor at time-management You’re there to keep everyone’s spirits up whilst you wait! Let’s be honest, you’re probably the late one – but you’ll have a good story to tell when you get there! You remind the rest of the group to stay calm about the situation, let’s hear her out when she gets here You’re fairly laid-back about the situation, but just want to get on with the party already! Time’s ticking…

Question 7

What’s your ideal group-holiday destination?

A city break with plenty to pack in for the group to enjoy – I’ll be in charge of the itinerary As long as I’m having fun with my friends, I’m happy! Somewhere with dramatic views and stunning scenery for me to get lost in A cost-effective staycation in a lovely Airbnb – ideal! Anywhere with sun, sea, cocktails and great music!

Et voilà!

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